My Opinions


It makes me sad to see or hear a young girl/woman saying how ugly she is. What makes you think God’s creation is ugly? Every woman is Beautiful no matter her skin color or size. 

I watched a programme on TV where I saw women going to these doctors to either increase their bust, reduce/increase their hips or increase their butt. Some want to pump their lips. Some wants to change from monolid to double lid and vice versa. Some even go as far as whitening their skin through surgery or rubbing creams which might give them skin cancer. 

Because you’re dark skinned doesn’t make you any less of a woman. Because you think you’re fat doesn’t stop you from looking beautiful. The fact that you have monolid or doublelids makes your eyes very unique. 

Don’t mind what others say about you, you are beautiful and they can’t swallow the bitter pill. Stop wasting money on plastic surgeries that might end very bad for you. Stop wasting money to whiten your skin, that’s ridiculous! Your real skin color or body should be your pride. 

If you think you’re fat and you have slim down, don’t go starving yourself. That is a very bad idea. Don’t go paying for expensive surgeries to remove fat. I’ve heard of case where women died during or after pumping out fat. The doctors must have made some kind of dreadful mistake and yeah, there are great doctors good at it  but don’t risk it! Read my post ‘Struggle in Loosing Weight’ and find out the right way to loose that fat. 

Every race, Every skin color, Every eye, Every body shape, Every woman is Uniquely Beautiful and Special. 



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