There’s a point where we get this bad lower belly fat that won’t let us wear a crop top or even wear a fitted top confidently. It’s not impossible to get rid of it because it’s tough to loose it, with the right workout routine, healthy food and personal care, I think….no, I know we can defeat it! 

    I’m going to write 3 sections:


    If you ain’t eating and also drinking right you haven’t started out on the right foot, but there’s always time to start over and start it right. 

    • Cut out added sugars: 

    We all like having a cup of youghurt, and eating some bars of chocolates but if you’re trying to loose weight, don’t you think you need to cut down on those sweet things? You think so too? That’s good. 

    • Eat less carbs:

    I agree we need carbs for energy, I have no problem with that. The problem is we take a little too much carb than we actually need. The carbs that are not needed in your body are stored as fat resulting to belly fat. Lower your intake of carb like potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, unless you’re a skinny person who wants to gain weight. 

    • Add fruits and veggies to each meals:

    This is self explanatory. During each meal you eat fruits and veggies. For example, you could take fruits like apple or banana before eating the main dish which should have veggies in it. You understand right? 

    • Eat more protein:

    Protein has more thermic effect than other foods and your body burns more energy processing protein than it does with carbs and fats. 

    • Eat more:

    You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Fine, I would also ask that. Eating a lot of healthy foods won’t make you fat, that is what most of us haven’t realized. If you’re exercising two – three times a week, trust me you’re gonna be burning that “fat” you think you you getting if you eat a lot. Starving yourself is a very big mistake you’re making. More like doing more harm than good. 

    • Eat more fat:

    “OK, I think she just went crazier”…did I?? Fat doesn’t make you…fat, bad nutrition and lack of exercise do. Eating fat actually helps in fat loss. Fish oil, according to my research is the best source of fat to loose your belly fat. Stay away from trans-fatty fats which you can find in products like margarine. They are bad for your health! (#weeps). 

    • Drink more water:

    I will keep on saying this because it’s very effective in loosing weight and also helping the body organs function well. Drink at least 8 cups of water per day. It really helps. 

    • Reduce your alcohol consumption:

    I’m not saying drinking alcohol is a bad thing, but watch how you drink it. You could drink it once in a while but drinking beer and other alcohol daily and trying to loose belly fat is like pouring water into a bottomless cup. IT WILL NEVER WORK! 


     There are exercises specifically for loosing lower belly fat. 

    • 45second lying leg raise
    • 45second reverse crunch 
    • 45second flutter kicks
    • 30second elbow to knee
    • 30second jackknife sit-up 
    • 30secong leg pull in

      Also engage in aerobic exercises. 


      • Meditation & Yoga
      • Sleeping 7 – 9hours
      • Think of positive things
      • Take a walk 
      • Read a book
      • Listen to music(not sad ones) 
      • Be motivated; you could get a partner to join you on this journey. 

      I hope I helped you, have a nice day pal, xD. 

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