Just in case you’ve wondered how I got the name and you couldn’t ask well you’re in luck(since I don’t know what to write about…. At least for now). 

I didn’t just come up with that name when I was starting up my blog. I even had to google a good name to use for a blog. Then I saw a post of a popular blogger who said something about the blog being yours and what you decide to do with it should be whatever you want. Make it look the way you want that whenever you go to it, you’re very pleased and comfortable with how your blog looks like. Your blog name can be something related to what you’re gonna be blogging about, it can also be a strange name mixed with a verb or your favorite book or music or artist. Since I was gonna be writing on Beauty, Fitness, Food and Fashion, I didn’t know how to put them in together so I opted in for the other option. 


Since my name is Juliet, the first letter is J,  I could have used J or Jay but I wanted something different, so to spice it up I added H. That’s how Jhay came to existence. Actually I’ve been using this since last year on my instagram(my other account).


if you’re a kpop fan or you watched or read news about this billboard music awards, you’ll know my boys BTS(BangTanSonyeondan/방탄소년단). They are a kpop band which I stan very much, I’m a proud Army. BANG was taken from their name.

If you’re wanna know more about them, here’s their Instagram and their Twitter…. You can also search them on YouTube. 


Well this is a weird one, lol. This was taken from one of my favorite youtuber. I like his personality. He’s a clown in most of his videos. There’s no freaking way you won’t laugh in any of his videos especially his ‘Dating Advice’ series(lmao). His name is Sibong.

His Instagram and YouTube.

So yeah, that’s how JHAY BANG BONG came to life. I know it’s weird but that’s the point. It’s unique and special to me. 

Hope you having a great weekend. I’m not ready for Monday at all. 



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